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SeedTS has a strong commitment to the security and privacy of its customers' data. Our Privacy Policy expresses our commitment to ensuring the protection of the requested data. All data registered on the website is kept strictly confidential, and only authorized employees can access it.


We understand that data and information privacy is essential for our customers, and we are committed to preserving it.


Use of Information


SeedTS undertakes to guarantee its customers that the data provided to our website and stored in our database will not be published, provided, or marketed to third parties for use in direct mailings or email lists under any circumstances.


All data provided will have restricted access to some employees. They are contractually obliged to maintain confidentiality and not use them improperly. We understand that by passing on the data, the customer places all their trust in the company that requests it, so we will return that same respect to them.


Attention: SeedTS will only use the customers' personal data, by force of law, when requested by judicial authorities.


Data Security


Committed to security and confidentiality, SeedTS stores the data it receives from its customers on secure servers with systems designated to prevent their alteration or destruction and to prevent unauthorized access and use by unauthorized individuals.


Furthermore, all data provided by customers is protected by encryption, such as the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol, always aiming for their privacy.


Use of Cookies


Cookies are small information files that some websites store on your computer when you visit them. SeedTS may occasionally store these files.


The use of cookies allows for identifying visitors, personalizing the website's home page, discovering access history, facilitating navigation, and adapting the site to their preferences.


It is essential to note that customers can use their browser resources to block the installation of cookies or to report when they are activated at any time. However, by choosing to refuse sent cookies, we are unable to offer personalized service tailored to your interests.


Questions and Suggestions


If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact us at


***SeedTS reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy if necessary. Any changes made will be informed in this same space.

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